How to use the waste collection centres

Residents of Crans-Montana, Icogne and Lens can use either Les Fougirs or Les Crêts waste collection centres (only Les Crêts allows green waste to be dumped directly from a trailer or vehicle with a tipping mechanism).


Les Fougirs waste collection centre

Route de Chermignon,
1978 Lens


Les Crêts waste collection centre

Route de l’Aminona 36
3974 Mollens

Opening times of both waste collection centres


Monday - Friday : 08:00 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 18:00

Saturday : 08:00 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 17:00


Monday - Saturday : 08:00 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 17:00



Every household in Crans-Montana, Icogne and Lens will receive a free numbered chip card (transferable only between household members) which entitles you to deposit 1,000 kg of waste per year which is included in the basic tax.

Once the cards are in use, they will be required to access the waste collection centre: it will not be possible to enter the waste collection centre without your card. From 2024 onwards, each additional kilogram of waste will be charged at 20 centimes per kilo (+CHF 10.- flat-rate tax); the invoice will be sent by the Retripa company. Households that have not received their access card for the waste collection centre can obtain one from their local municipal administration office.

It is not possible to obtain an additional card. If your card is lost, a new one will cost CHF 50.

Any waste which could be placed in a taxed rubbish bag will not be accepted in the waste collection centres. Plastic can be disposed of in the special containers provided for customer use in certain shops. Food waste should ideally be composted (in your garden or on your balcony using a worm composter), most food waste can also be fed to chickens. You can also find interesting ideas for reducing food waste online.



How many kilos of waste am I entitled to dispose of each year?

The (non-transferable) card entitles you to 1,000 kilos of waste, which you can take to either Les Fougirs or Les Crêts waste centre. Any excess will be invoiced at the beginning of the year.


Can I use my neighbour’s card to go to the waste collection centre as they hardly throw anything away ?

No, each card has a number and is specific to an individual household; it is not transferable.


At the end of December, if I've only used 500 kilos of my household quota, can I carry the balance over to the following year?

No, the card entitles you to 1,000 kilos which is included in the basic tax, and the balance is reset to zero on 1 January each year.


I live in Icogne. Can I take my waste to the Crêts waste centre in Mollens?

Yes, all residents have access to both waste collection centres. You should go to Les Crêts centre if you want to unload your green waste from a trailer or vehicle with a tipping mechanism.


Why is plastic waste not accepted at the waste collection centres?

For the time being, plastic waste should be returned to shops which have set up their own recycling system for milk, vinegar, oil and sauce bottles, washing liquid bottles and shampoo and cosmetics bottles. This solution is preferable to incineration via rubbish bags. PET bottles with the PET-Recycling logo can be deposited at local ecopoints and at waste collection centres. "Styrofoam" (expanded polystyrene foam) must be placed in taxed rubbish bags.


I don't have a compost bin, where do I put my food waste?

"Eisenia foetida" earthworms can transform your food waste out of sight in a worm composter that you can put on your balcony, for example. The process is environmentally friendly, practical and odourless. Chickens are also happy to eat most leftovers, and there are lots of recipes to help you avoid throwing anything away, and to recycle vegetable tops and peelings.


Can I take discarded items away with me and recycle them (upcycling)?

No, it is forbidden to collect any kind of material from the site.